Officially, the first mention of the presence of serpentinite and magnesite (Halilovskiy array) comes down to Meglitskiy and Antipov in 1857. They made ​​up the description of the geological map of the South Urals. The total area of the deposit was estimated at 500 hectares. During the construction of the South-Ural Railway in 1913-1918 the largest and richest areas of magnesite was identified to the south of the station Halilovo.

Extraction and processing of amorphous magnesite has started in 1921. At first Orenburg "Gubsilikattrestom" (from 1927 to 1931 - Orenburg mountain Trest), and from 1931 to 1951 - Halilovskiy magnesite plant (Orsk Construction Trest). In the first stage the annual extraction was 2,000 tons and reached 8,000 tons at postwar years.

The deposit episodically was studied by a number of famous explorers since 1921 to 1929. According to official data of the geological fund in 1962 the reserve of the Halilovskiy magnesite deposit was 4067 tons of C2 category magnesite.

Geognostical description of the southern Ural Mountains investigated during 1854 and 1855.

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