The magnesite extracted by LITOSFERA, is a natural carbonate of magnesium (MgCO₃). Magnesite has a cryptocrystalline structure which often calls amorphous. The size of crystals is several microns. The color of magnesite is white. Our magnesite has a low content of such impurity as Ca, Fe. These properties of magnesite use in metallurgy, agriculture, production of the caustic magnesite, ceramics, etc. Allow receiving a number of advantages before magnesite coarse-crystalline.

1. MAKhD - material for converters and electric furnaces

2. PMK - material for steel-smelting ladles

3. Serpoflux - magnesian flux for the production of pellets and agglomerates

4. SerpoMag - fertilizer

     • Guidelines for the SerpoMag using

     • Serpomag's registration certificate

5. Serpentinitomagnezite - raw materials for the production of refractories and fertilizer

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